Hi there! I am Gina.

I am a lot of things: a Minnesota native, an Oxford comma advocate, a HGTV lover, a decorating fanatic, but first and foremost...

I am a storyteller. I want to share my perspective. I want to make dense topics easy to understand. I want to make you fall in love with the people around you. I want to tell stories in ways they haven't been told before.

I am a communicator with experiences ranging from editorial intern at MSP Communications (al la Delta Sky magazine) to a communications associate with the University of Minnesota's Global Programs department.

I am a freelancer who will write (and have written) about everything from wheelchair mobility vehicles to tips for running green service industry businesses to fashion advice. I do this because I love writing and also because rent is due.

I am a goal-setter whose ultimate goal is writing personality profiles for a living. I love totally immersing myself in a story and weaving details together. It's like a kind of math I'm actually good at. Feel free to check out some of my work here.

I am an organizer, and I organize much more than just my closet and home: I organize my thoughts into words and my dreams into plans.

Follow along!

Other things about me that don't sound as professional as the ones listed above. I am (also):
The heaviest sleeper you will ever meet.
Guilty of ordering Shirley Temples during Happy Hour.
Also guilty of using the term 'bae' non-ironically.
An Ed Sheeran fangirl.
Probably watching (or quoting) The Office.
Probably panicking about something I read on an online health forum.
Never able to travel anywhere without forgetting my toothbrush.
In love with Starbucks iced caramel macchiatos.
Off the social media grid.
Prepping for my third full marathon!
Probably trying to get out of Friday night plans so I can watch baking shows and eat ice cream.